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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


MediaHawk: Sponsor of Theatre 16

Theatre Hall 16

    • Wednesday

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      11.00 - 11.30

      Andy Sadler

      Harmony in the noise: Crafting an ABM strategy that connects seller to buyer

      When moving from a lead-to-revenue strategy to an account based one, the competition for top accounts will become even more fierce. Standing out from your competitors is mandatory, and that starts with building a cohesive sales and marketing team that is up to the challenge. What perspectives need to be looked at? How will tech power this change? How do you create and handle engagement with relevancy? All these questions, and more, will be answered.

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      11.45 - 12.15

      John Cheney & Christelle Fraysse
      Workbooks Online Limited

      Aligning Marketing and Sales for Business Success

      According to Sirius Decisions, aligned organisations achieve up to 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability. How do you achieve this alignment? Join John Cheney, CEO and Christelle Fraysse, CMO of Workbooks to discover how to build the foundations for sales and marketing alignment. They will demonstrate how with time, commitment, and the right processes and technology in place you can drive business success.

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      12.30 - 13.00

      Richard Bamford and Chris Stevens

      Digital Transformation - Everyone wants it! How do you get there?

      Where exactly are your digital assets today? What approvals, processes and technologies do you need to have in place to manage and unearth your next generation of hero content? From a first step asset audit, to workflow automation and artificial intelligence, we’ll show you how to optimise and transform the true value of your content.

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      13.15 - 13.45

      Sarah Cunningham

      Creating True Business Impact with Social Media in 2018

      2017 was the year social media evolved into a serious channel for marketers. Tying social spend to true business impact and proving ROI justifies this channel as a powerful arsenal for 2018. Sarah will discuss social media trends and what this means for advertisers in 2018. With a special focus on Instagram, she will provide practical tips on creating meaningful social media campaigns by integrating both organic and paid strategies.

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      14.00 - 14.30

      Erhan Korhaliller
      EAK Digital Ltd

      How to become an industry authority and double your revenue

      A carefully planned personal branding strategy can not only position you as an expert in your field, but also get your business directly in front of your target clients and have an incredible impact on your revenue. From social media, to leveraging your content and publications, learn the practical steps you need to take in order to become a true authority figure in your industry.

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      14.45 - 15.15

      Tim Peniston-Bird

      Supercharge sales by transforming sales teams and customers

      Want to supercharge your sales? Smash targets for leads, conversion and customer retention? Your sales team, channels and customers can transform into the sales heroes you need to achieve these objectives. Your potential business growth is in the people. Engage them or fail. So what are you waiting for – find out how to start the transformation with a sales incentive, promotion or loyalty programme that will see your sales fly…

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      15.30 - 16.00

      Glen Westlake
      BrightTarget Ltd

      Supercharge Your B2B Sales and Marketing Funnel with Predictive Analytics

      Learn more about best practice and successful deployments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically predictive marketing analytics with machine learning capability. I go beyond the hype to explain what AI, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning is; how it works and why it is perfect for B2B, exploring the four most popular use cases having the biggest impact on B2B marketing effectiveness and ROI, supported by case studies and performance metrics.

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      16.15 - 16.45

      Natalie Gorton & Jiggy Patel
      Gold-Vision CRM

      Make GDPR work for your business using truly integrated CRM

      The impact of upcoming GDPR legislation is daunting for businesses to understand the pitfalls and requirements. Let’s reverse the preconception and explore how you can reap the benefits and create positive opportunities for marketing to your customer base. We will highlight how truly integrated CRM can be utilised to enable you to facilitate compliance and gain marketing advantage for your business.

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      15:30 - 16:45

      Mark Laurie & Alan Fox

      Street Food Q&A: Everything you've ever wanted to know about Street Food - Answered

      Mark & Alan will be joined by special guests for a Q&A session