B2B Marketing Expo: Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

The IDM Training Academy

The IDM and their specialist trainers will be dishing up healthy servings of expert opinion, advice and tricks of the trade across their 9 bite size training sessions.

Delivered by expert trainers from the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (IDM), each 45 minute, CPD accredited, session will give you unrivalled insight into current topics, the what, why and who of Agile Marketing and using Google Analytics to improve website performance. Each session is worth 1 CPD point.

Tuesday 28th March

Wednesday 29th March



Simon Blanchard

Will you be ready for the new data protection Regulation?

The clock is ticking down to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which becomes effective from 25th May 2018. Organisations across Europe are grappling with the new requirements to protect personal data. They will need to get their ducks in a row or face loss of customer trust and potentially eye-watering fines. The new regs will have major impacts for one-to-one marketing across Europe. In this short highlights presentation Simon Blanchard, Senior Associate with data protection consultancy Opt-4, will give you the low down on GDPR. He will cover the big issues and provide practical top tips on what marketers should be thinking about NOW, to maximise their data volumes and minimise any negative impacts on your business. GET AHEAD in your planning as Simon shares Opt-4’s pragmatic views on how marketers should start preparing now to be ready for GDPR.



Martin Chillcott

The Who? Why? and How? of retaining customers

Having made all that effort to attract new customers, you need to hang on to them and help them spend more. And ''win back'' the best ''lost'' customers. Martin gives us 35 years experience of doing all that, in just in 45 minutes. A pragmatic approach to targeting your efforts, making an impact and understanding the differences between B2C and B2B. Or is it all just H2H?



David Hearn

How to devise a winning acquisition plan

B2B marketers are now responsible for a greater part of the sales cycle and are subject to far greater accountability. At the same time we have a much more sophisticated array of tools to help us meet these challenges. In this session we’ll be exploring how to develop an acquisition plan that delivers from reach to conversion



Mike Berry Dip

B2B Digital Marketing in action: who's doing what?

Content Optimisation has been discussed in B2B circles for many years but if you''re not planning on doing it in 2017 already then make sure you add it to your list. Content is unquestionably king in the B2B sector, but there are also many other types of optimisation you should be considering, and sitting on top of this list is personalisation.



Andy Letting

What programmatic advertising can do for your Marketing

Programmatic is changing the digital marketing landscape and many companies are investing in this new form of media buying, but why? Andy Letting, Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant, explains what programmatic advertising actually is and what problems it is solving for marketers.