Wendy Allen and Tony Dent

Prime Prospects

Wendy thinks, writes, and breathes copywriting and social media. With copywriting skills, honed at J.Walter Thompson, DMB&B and Saatchi Direct, she brings business ideas into marketing reality. Voted as one of Creativepool’s top ten copywriters in 2016, Wendy develops a single-minded brand message throughout online and offline communications. She is passionate about digital communications and has qualified as an advanced Google AdWords, SEO and Social Media practitioner.

Tony has been a Marketing and Research consultant for over 40 years having worked for such brands as Barclays Bank, DHL, IBM, Hewlett Packard, NatWest and the Xerox Corporation. He is founder of CMR Group, owner of the Prime Prospects brand. Tony is a frequent speaker and author of the chapter on “Estimating Product Market Size” in the Kogan Page Handbook on Business Market Research.

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10 top tips for start ups

The seminar will provide 10 valuable ideas to enhance the marketing skills of an entrepreneur starting their own business. We will provide 5 specific examples for digital marketing and 5 for traditional offline methods.