Tim Peniston-Bird


With over 30 years in sales promotion and trade and sales team motivation – Tim is a leading authority on motivating; consumers, trade and sales teams.

A specialisation in ‘VIP and loyalty clubs’ that convert customers and sale people into members has helped drive sales performance in sales channels at companies as diverse as: HP Compaq, Orange, Toyota and Wella and develop successful customer retention and subscription models for: charities and associations, hair salons and spas, night clubs, financial services and retail that have delivered triple digit sales growth and retention.

He has created successful engagement and sales growth solutions for many of the leading companies in the world including: AIG, BMW, Ford, GE, Honda, Microsoft and Procter and Gamble.

Tim is passionate about delivering RETURN ON INVESTMENT and will share methods to drive huge increases in sales revenue by using reward, recognition and loyalty tools STRATEGICALLY

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Want to supercharge your sales? Smash targets for leads, conversion and customer retention? Your sales team, channels and customers can transform into the sales heroes you need to achieve these objectives. Your potential business growth is in the people. Engage them or fail. So what are you waiting for – find out how to start the transformation with a sales incentive, promotion or loyalty programme that will see your sales fly…