Tania Varga & Peter Yates

Axonn Media

Tania Varga - CCO
Over the last 8 years Tania has been helping new and existing clients of Axonn Media achieve their goals using content and digital marketing techniques.

Peter Yates - COO
For the past 9 years, Peter has been working with B2B brands to help them accomplish as much as possible from their digital marketing. Now he supports Axonn''s client relations team by simplifying the marketing principles he has learnt that achieve results, so that they can be easily communicated to those we work with

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Tried & tested tactics that work (and don’t) for B2B marketing

B2B marketers have evolved their digital marketing strategies so much over the past few years and we have seen and run campaigns which have been very successful and some which didn’t deliver against expectations. This seminar will cover these tactics and ideas and give you actionable insight to start implementing for your business.