Sheila Mitham


I am the CEO of InTrigger. I have a Degree and Masters Degree in Marketing and Branding. I have launched and scaled two very successful companies. InTrigger is an award winning fast growing modern digital agency. We are Google partners and credited specialist’s for Outbound (PPC, Mobile, Video, Analytics and Mobile) and Partners with Hubspot to supply Inbound services. Our global client base includes household brands/names, assisting these global brands with cross platform Outbound and Inbound strategies. We are performance lead and metrics driven.
With a focus on innovative customer engagement, we look beyond traditional channels and offer customer lifetime value models concentrating on initial conversion, retention and revenue per user (ARPU) . We measure every step of the funnel.
We like to apply a train-the-trainer approach educating our clients in best practices and methodologies that they can go on and apply. We have a package for all size businesses.

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The Rise of Mobile Marketing & The Resulting Impact On Your Business

Mobile advertising is growing at a faster rate than any other category of advertising. Smart companies are expanding their budgets to catch up with mobile growth. 65% of purchase decisions start on a Mobile phone.. Fact: More Google searches take place on Mobiles than Computers. 50% of consumers visit a store within 24h of a local Mobile search. The Mobile is a Super Computer in your Pocket and consumers use it as one.