Sharanya Ramachandran

Zoho Corporation Private Ltd.

Sharanya Ramachandran leads Product Marketing for Zoho’s marketing suite where among other things she''s responsible for planning and leading successful product launches, understanding her audience and defining the best messages for them.

In late 2009, Sharanya joined the Zoho Marketing Team and was primarily working with the Pre-Sales and Customer Support teams to develop a drip-marketing strategy for lead nurture. Further on, she was responsible for various feature releases, blogs and API marketing. She has also worked with various 3rd party businesses looking to integrate with Zoho to work out solutions for business problems.

Based out of Zoho India, Sharanya currently focuses on communicating the best practices of email marketing and marketing automation to customers. She holds a Bachelor''s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In her spare time, you might find her reading or practicing Bharatnatyam - the Indian classical dance form.

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