Richard Sackville-West

RedFlag Alert LLP

Richard West, a Director at RedFlag Alert has over 10 years’ experience within the Sales Management, Data and MarTech industries.

He is passionate about Robotic Process Automation within the workplace, as well as all things data and CRM.

Prior to joining RedFlag Alert, Richard was the Head of Sales for APAC for IBM Marketing Cloud.

In his spare time, Richard is a dedicated semi-professional rugby player – hopefully he won’t be carrying any visible injuries at this event.

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To Improve Efficiency, Sell to the Known – Not the Unknown

Many sales teams waste valuable time and resources courting prospects that don’t result in a worthwhile return of investment for their efforts. Behind the scenes, these businesses may be showing signs of financial distress, which could potentially cause cash flow issues for your company – not to mention dreaded commission clawbacks. This seminar looks at how embracing business intelligence and different targeting metrics can make sales teams more efficient by identifying valuable prospects and revealing those to avoid.