Paul Walsh


Paul Walsh, Founder and CEO of Infinity is an Internet entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech, bit of a geek at heart but with an excellent balance of commercial, technical and marketing thinking. He has a great awareness of how people and technology interact and communicate, and over the last 20 years he has founded a numbers of Internet based business in Technology and Marketing, and managed to sell a couple along the way too.
In 2010 Paul founded his current venture. Infinity is one of the fastest growing marketing technology businesses in the UK. It is the UK’s leading Call Tracking, Call Management and Business Phone System all delivered from the Infinity Cloud, and available in over 70 countries. Using pioneering Internet based technologies Infinity empowers decision makers across businesses in marketing, sales, operations and services teams.
With a strong client base in the UK and US, it has excellent agency partnerships, advanced technology and broad third party integrations. Paul and his team recently secured a £10m investment from Smedvig Capital to fuel international growth and to further invest in the Infinity product offering.

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Over the last 5000 years we have witnessed an incredible shift in communication driven by technology, what’s next and how will companies keep up?

We have gone from writing on clay tablets to communicating with Facebook Messenger in the last 5,000 years, this incredible shift in communication has been driven by technology; especially in the last 50 years, so what does the next 50 years bring? Paul calls upon 20 years as tech entrepreneur and CEO of a leading Internet based communications company, to give you a whistle stop tour of communication technologies across the ages and a glimpse into a frankly strange future. He also discusses how companies are already struggling to deliver on the demands of consumers to communicate across multiple channels, so he give his insight into what companies need to be thinking about now to make sure they have a communications strategy that will allow them to keep up.