Paul Gibson & Leanne Moir


Leanne Moir
Leanne Moir is a career-long Business to Business marketer. Currently Senior Field Marketing Manager for the Demandbase EMEA business, Leanne helps B2B Marketers build and scale an ABM strategy for their organisation.
“Kicking off an ABM strategy in any organisation can seem like a big challenge. However, once you have the roadmap and tools you can see a clear path to an increase in marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue.

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How to Solve your B2B Marketing Pains

Many organisations are building marketing strategies based purely on guesswork and cannot answer the following questions: 1. Do you have insight into your anonymous website visitors? 2. Is your content being seen by the right people? 3. Are your target accounts following your preferred buyer journey? Take the guesswork out of strategy planning and solve your marketing pains. Attend this session where we shall cover how to identify, target and close bigger deals with your key accounts.