Nicholas Orosz

Nicholas Orosz is a London based Search Engine Optimisation Expert. He helps businesses make more money by being found on the search engines, whether it be Google, You Tube or Amazon. But the creativity is also in ensuring that potential customers connect with those businesses because their message is compelling and authentic, and because they care about the same things that their customers care about.

He develops and implements custom plans to give his clients an unfair advantage by taking their digital presence to the next level.

He particularly specialises in e-commerce, Amazon consulting and building advanced and throughly researched online sales marketing funnels.

He has a voracious appetite for staying on the cutting edge of the latest algorithmic changes as part of a small mastermind group of the top SEO experts in the world.

He is a former Corporate Finance City lawyer, and a successful Network Marketer

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Why now is the perfect time to embrace E-Commerce / Marketing your business on the Internet

The Retail Sector shows every sign of being slap bang in the middle of its Uber moment. Money is pouring away from the High Street and going online. If you can creatively put yourself in front of the tsunami of Amazon traffic using FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)…..if you can create your own store and build a dynamic sales marketing funnel……then you can join today’s online retail gold rush./ SEO is the art and science of ranking highly in the Search Engines (whether Google, YouTube or Amazon) for particular keywords. Getting a slice of this “free traffic” can transform your revenue but it does take an investment of time, effort and probably yes, money. We will discuss some technical matters, paid traffic and conversion tactics to ensure that your online brand is irresistible and compelling.