Mike O’Brien

The Marketing Apprenticeship People

Mike O’Brien is an award winning creative director, digital planner, business developer, blogger and professional trainer with over 40 years’ experience as a professional practitioner in brand, direct and digital marketing. He is a Fellow of the IDM, has contributed to books by Dave Chaffey and PR Smith and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences. He currently splits his time between running digital transformation, ecommerce and digital apprenticeship businesses with being a core IDM Tutor across a wide range of professional courses and qualifications.
Although a marketing automation specialist, Mike’s primary focus is on improving human productivity.

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Marketing Automation and Human Productivity

This session will explore ways in which digital marketers can meet the disruptive challenge of automated and machine learning systems by finding new ways to increase personal productivity. Along the way, this session will also explore the nature of mix and match roles in streamlined workflows and systems designed to cope with the demand for instant gratification among consumers, the impact of zero-based budgeting, mutating client agency relationships and the rise of real-time micro marketing machines.