Merinda Peppard

B2B Marketing Lead, Salesforce

Merinda is a marketing leader at Salesforce. After moving to Europe in 2002 from Australia, Merinda centered around B2B marketing in the high tech, software and digital marketing industries. Merinda focused on scaling early-stage businesses (Tradedoubler IPO 2005, Efficient Frontier / Adobe acquisition 2012 and Hootsuite), before moving to Salesforce in 2016 where she currently leads the EMEA marketing for Pardot, the marketing automation solution by Salesforce.

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Top 10 Tips for B2B Marketing Automation Success

Your guide Merinda Peppard, EMEA Marketing Lead for Salesforce Pardot, will show you the path to B2B marketing success. Join her in this session to learn 10 actionable steps to creating a B2B marketing machine that drives sky-high ROI. You’ll get a glimpse into how Salesforce runs it’s own Marketing Automation, including how we manage lead generation, increase the speed of the funnel, and drive sales and marketing alignment.