Maulik Sailor

Innovify UK Ltd

Maulik has a deep and long lasting passion for entrepreneurship and wanted a way to share that passion with the world. That’s why he founded Innovify. A company that allows him to help new entrepreneurs take their ideas to market and watch their companies flourish. His history creating digital products for leading companies like Nokia, Microsoft, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Betfair, and Visa gave him the experience and contacts that every new startup dreams of having, while his unique vision and creative spirit will help your company achieve lasting success in the marketplace. A few startups Maulik has been founder/co-founder includes Innovify, ATMAYFAIR, Landbay, Kwanji, Instantt, BrickOwner, & more.

Maulik obtained his MBA (Distinction) from Imperial College, London, MSc from Brunel University, London and B. Eng. from Sardar Patel University, India.

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