Matt Banks M IDM,


Matt specialises in digital optimisation using data at the centre of decision making, and has over 17 years client and consultancy experience both in B2B and B2C. Matt started OptimiseWorks, a digital optimisation consultancy in 2014, which aims to help optimise B2B and B2C marketing and onsite
conversion across the customer journey and sales cycle. Matt’s previous roles include Senior Insight Manager at Lloyds Bank, Client Director at Logan Tod, Senior Consultant at PwC and Commercial Analytics Partner at Seven Seconds. As well as being a lecturer at The IDM specialising in Digital, Data
and Optimisation since 2013.

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Optimisation within the B2B Sales Cycle

Typical B2C optimisation techniques are not always applicable within a B2B sales cycle. The length of the cycle, the internal and external business factors impacting purchasing decisions, and the average cost of a typical B2B product or service V’s B2C, are just a few examples of crucial differences. The presentation will focus on these differences, and discuss how to achieve effective optimisation within your B2B sales cycle.