Martin Chillcott

For IDM - Managing Director of Hotchilly Marketing

Martin is acknowledged as an expert in customer retention and has been responsible for the development of successful marketing strategies and customer communications across a range of businesses. He applies a common sense approach and ability to identify powerful customer insights and opportunity for profit.

He has over 20 years’ client-side marketing experience, including director level roles in UK, Europe and Canada/USA with American Express, Thomas Cook, M&G, Air Miles, Time Life, Budget Insurance and Page & Moy.

12 years ago he set up his own consultancy ‘Hotchilly’, successfully working as an independent consultant/planner either working directly with clients or retained to work with clients of leading communications agencies BEC and Together Agency and the Data Practice, Radar.

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The Who? Why? and How? of retaining customers

Having made all that effort to attract new customers, you need to hang on to them and help them spend more. And ''win back'' the best ''lost'' customers. Martin gives us 35 years experience of doing all that, in just in 45 minutes. A pragmatic approach to targeting your efforts, making an impact and understanding the differences between B2C and B2B. Or is it all just H2H?