Mark Maclure

Stream Comms

Mark Maclure is a founding director of Stream Comms - digital marketing, software and communication specialists - and has over 25 years'' experience in the world of marketing communications. Prior to this his past has included 7 years in investment banking and a year sailing around the world. Mark has an innate ability to look forward and keep pace with the constantly changing digital landscape and a very broad range of business challenges using sound commercial acumen.

Stream focus on Building Brand Loyalty, with particular focus on B2B sectors. Whether the objective is to improve brand loyalty, enhance employee engagement, retain customers, drive brand stretch, boost productivity, increase sales or attract new customers, Stream can create an innovative digital solution to address the specific business challenge. These include: e-commerce loyalty platforms, loyalty programmes, interactive communication portals, e-learning applications, reward schemes, motivation / incentive programmes, membership benefits, surveys, social media blogs and forums.

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Building Brand Loyalty – How B2B can learn from B2C

Building brand loyalty via digital channels is well established in the B2C world: but many B2B companies have not evolved as fast in this space. Arguably this is because companies become too focused on their own agenda and fail to recognise that the B2B customer behaves like a B2C customer and can be as loyal and responsive, once engaged. This session will explore how loyalty can work in the B2B world.