Luke Quilter

Sleeping Giant Media

Co-founder of Sleeping Giant Media and Giant Campus, and CEO of both, Luke Quilter has found something that he enjoys and excels at. With an excess of 15 years'' worth of experience, he runs three businesses and regularly lectures, coaches and teaches in his expertise; namely - search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media and business start-ups. Luke was chosen to carry the Olympic torch in 2012, and was recently recognised for his achievements as England''s Digital Leader of the Year at the Wirehive 100 Awards.

He has a wealth of experience in search marketing and brand management, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit that propels him to use his knowledge and experience to further himself, his businesses and others.

In 2016, Sleeping Giant Media has won a variety of awards, including No.1 in Customer Service, Best in Search and Social, and Employer of the Year.

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