Leon Streete

Business Owner Elevation

Leon Streete is known as the “Lead Generation Coach” and Founder of Business Owner Elevation, a company formed to help businesses create 6-7 figure marketing campaigns. Are you a Traditional Businesses, Coach or Consultant – stuck with the often miss-understood subject of “Marketing?” You’re not alone.
This is where Leon will help you. I break down all of the things that work and the tactics that don’t. I remove the hype around the big social media platforms and show you the drop dead simple strategic approach so you can create wildly successful marketing campaigns.
“My passion is marketing” born out of my ability to communicate with people, and it’s through this skill I regularly create free content for my community and interview top entrepreneurs as an “Award Winning” Podcast host. If you’re wondering if this is for you, let me save you the time thinking – “YES, let’s go do this!”

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How To Take Your Next Marketing Campaign Beyond 6 Figures!

Revealed in this breakthrough talk; Learn the secret to online lead generation, it has a big deal to do with truly understanding your prospects better than they know themselves. Also, how to position yourself as the go to choice with your prospects, even in a competitive market. Then finally discover the V3 Marketing System that most people miss-out on, that is right under your nose.