Laura Hampton and Aaron Dicks


Laura Hampton is the digital marketing manager at Impression. With more than 7 years’ experience in marketing, Laura has both in-house and agency experience. She specialises in SEO, content marketing and digital PR. Laura was an expert speaker at Brighton SEO and regularly shares her expertise across the web.

"Aaron Dicks is the founder of Impression, which he runs alongside his co-founder Tom Craig. Aaron excels in the build and management of high ROI paid advertising campaigns across Google AdWords, Bing Ads and social media, as well as having an in depth knowledge of SEO and advanced web development skills."

Impression is a digital agency known for its data driven approach to creative, innovative campaigns that deliver proven results for its clients, including SMEs through to well known, national brands.

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Strategic Digital Marketing for B2B Businesses: SEO & PPC

Digital marketing is an essential part of any B2B business’ success. But are you getting the best return on your investment? In this session, Laura Hampton and Aaron Dicks will provide tangible tips to help you make more strategic use of SEO and PPC, including case studies from B2B businesses. Learn how to improve your marketing ROI today.