Kobi Omenaka

Kobestarr Digital

Kobi is a Google Certified Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder and CEO of Kobestarr Digital. He has been working as a Digital Marketer since completing his Masters Degree in Social Media in 2011. Kobi’s background (and first Masters Degree) is in Engineering in the Oil and Gas industry. So is highly analytical and loves working with the vast array of digital and analytical data and deciphering it for clients. This is where the magic happens! Kobi teaches Digital Marketing and (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation at institutions such General Assembly and mentoring at Hult International Business School. He has taught delegates from as far afield as Brazil and Mexico and has recently returned from teaching in countries such as Jordan in the Middle East.
He has taught to employees from multinationals such as Sony and Boden through to small charities and one man bands.

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How Digital Marketing Really Works…

Are you struggling to understand how to promote your company online? Should you focus on Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging or more? Can you do this yourself or do you need help? What provides the highest ROI and “bang for buck”? We’ll get the bottom of all these questions and more. Don’t be afraid to ask! @KobestarrDigi . If you miss the seminar don’t worry visit me at stand B342