Justin Hall

Protocol Global Ltd

Marketing Anarchist and CEO of consulting firm Protocol, Justin is a prolific blogger and speaker with over 20 years ''marketing mistake making'' in the bag. In an industry obsessed with buzzwords, marketing fads and frameworks Justin looks to debunk myths, tell the truth and focus on the facts.

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You've been doing buyer's journeys all wrong (damnit)/ Sneak Peak – Soto : Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing

In this talk Justin shares insights around how B2B buyers really behave, how and when they engage with messages and content and what it means for the ubiquitous buyer’s journey. And it''s not what we''ve been led to believe... Artificial Intelligence represents a game changing opportunity in B2B marketing, and in this exclusive ‘world first’ premiere we get a sneak peak at Soto’s new prototype tool – Soto Curator. Designed by, and for Enterprise Marketing Strategists, Content Creators and Agencies (using technology such as IBM Watson) the team discuss the challenges, pitfalls and successes of building a Marketing A.I. that’s now able to mimic a human marketer with 80% accuracy