Jim Shields

Twist and Shout Communications

Jim’s 25-year-long passion for comedy filmmaking began when he discovered that he could combine the images he was drawing with sounds he''d captured in jars. He owns and runs Twist& Shout Communications, based in Leicester and Dallas, TX.

More recently, they have turned to making simple comedies for the "interweb" helping companies achieve notoriety despite their crushingly dull products and services. In another universe, he is the bastard love-child of Eddie Izzard and Nick from “The Apprentice”.

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Using comedy to get closer to customers

As marketers we try to be to be comprehensive and unambiguous. Trouble is, we lose any kind of intimate connection. This is where comedy can really boost prospects and strengthen customer relationships. We''ll show practical examples, like our recent hit “Lily’s World" for Alcatel-Lucent. Using comedy can be risky - but no more risky than being the "white rice" of your industry while your competitors get up close and personal.