Jason Miller

Global Content Marketing Leader at Linkedln

Jason Miller leads global content and social media marketing initiatives for Linkedln Marketing Solutions helping marketers understand how to take advantage of digital advertising and content marketing tactics on LinkedIn and beyond to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI. He is the author of the best selling B2B marketing book Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social Media and Content Marketing up to 11.

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Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Reality Check

Marketers have been operating under a false pretense regarding their audience''s ability to concentrate for longer than 8 seconds. Call this the Myth of the Goldfish. In this keynote, I''ll debunk the myth and reveal how changes in society''s ability to multi-task are transforming how companies should approach their content marketing strategy. It''s time to start thinking in terms of brains over budget, doing more with less, thinking extravagantly and creatively to double down on what''s working.