Jamien Middleton

The Animation Guys

Jamien graduated from one of the world''s best Animation Universities with a BA (Hons). He has a background in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Film making and is a skilled 2D Animator. Having navigated his away around a successful advertising career working with clients such as IKEA, Coca-Cola, O2 and many more, his focus now is to help people communicate their stories through video. Recently winning an award from The Drum. Jamien speaks at many events around the world and is a big player in the animation and video
production scene in London

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Our Videos Suck!

The Animation Guys believe that to really connect with your audience you need to create stories that people care about. Stories that pull or “suck” you in. In this seminar we look at a variety of campaigns, the metrics behind these campaigns and how you can create videos that touch hearts and open wallets.