James Simpson

Harvest Digital

James is an award-winning marketer and eCommerce leader with more than 20 years’ experience within large corporations, SME’s and ran his own software firm from 2003 - 2007. Through his career at Marks and Spencer, 3M and Fletcher Building, James has been privileged to work with inspiring leaders and highly talented marketers building leadership positions within high growth sectors.

He has a track record of delivering digital transformation within matrix organisations by applying an entrepreneurial approach to business issues and engaging cross-functional teams. Throughout his career, he has led transformation projects which challenge the day to day running of organisations and embedding digital into processes to drive digital transformation at pace. James returned to agencies last year as the Managing Director at Harvest Digital, London’s oldest independent digital agency.

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B2B Digital Transformation – Accident or Design?

1st Question: Is digital transformation more important for B2B organisations than their more flamboyant B2C cousins? If asked, I suspect most B2B organisations would agree and tell me they are embracing digital transformation. 2nd Question: Is it customer or business centric? This seminar explores what digital transformation generally looks like, how it can be measured, and although business transformation is often designed, are the results generally accidental?