Eleanor Sims


Eleanor is a Video Strategist at StoryMe, helping companies win with video. Her focuses include videos that hack your audience’s natural attention span, and multi-channel strategies to guide audiences to the perfect end result. Other events she’s presented at include London HUG and London Property Tech Week.
StoryMe is a video strategy scale-up, now 80 people strong in 3 countries. Specialising in Video Strategy & Production, it’s not just about creating engaging content, but getting it in front of the right person on the right channel at the right time. Founded in 2013, StoryMe helps companies such as Uber, Red Bull, WWF, Bank Of America, Coca-Cola and Unicef reach their goals with video marketing

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Squeezing video into your everyday marketing strategy

You’ve repeatedly been told that 2018 is the year of video. The challenge is creating something that compliments your existing content, then distributing it correctly to avoid getting lost in the noise. With an established multi-channel strategy, it’s not obvious where to start. We’ll breakdown integrating video into your communications at minimum investment starting today. Expect inspiration on using video throughout the customer journey - everything from zero-cost to highest-quality content