Peter Turay Jr, Alex Pushkin

Content 45

Young, resilient and an ambitious agency founder since 22; Peter’s passion for digital marketing started out as a social media marketer creating and publishing campaigns from his bedroom late at night, before embracing an entrepreneurial spirit to help businesses revolutionise online marketing for results with a creative, personal approach. Backed up by his close friend and partner, Alex originated from the print & design background with a fascination for advertising as a Russian freelancer and creative for over 10 years, before studying at De Montfort University in Leicester where the marketing duo met. Teamed up together, both Peter and Alex possess an energetic arsenal of marketing experience for 12 industry sectors; building Content 45 with ‘the marketer’s spirit’, and overseeing the marketing for clients such as British beard-care brand Curly Mafia and urban fashion, news-publishing site LocoKickz.

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