Mark Maclure

Stream Comms

Mark is a founding director of specialist loyalty agency, Stream and has over 25 years’ experience in the world of loyalty, engagement and digital communications. Mark is a thought leader and shaper, and regularly speaks at seminars in different industry sectors on loyalty strategy, customer engagement, channel relationships and overall performance improvement.

Specialities: Loyalty, technology marketing, channel marketing, emerging technologies, marketing automation, changing
behaviours, customer experience, the value proposition, finance, funding, consultancy, EMEA and North America experience.

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2020 Loyalty

As any optician will tell you, 2020 is the definition of perfect vision. As your calendar will tell you, the year 2020 is rapidly approaching and with the accelerating rate of change, it’s difficult to anticipate and plan for this fast-moving target. This presentation, looks back to where we’ve come from in loyalty marketing, assesses where we are now and looks ahead to where the current trends will lead us.