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Transmatico GmbH

On basis of an award-winning technology Transmatico digitises magazines, annual reports, specials, advertising papers, and other regular published print products of newspaper publishers, corporations, and agencies. We turn 'Print' into 'Digital-First'-products - automized and in premium-quality!

Just a simple print-PDF is needed as data source for our digital transformation which turns your print product into high-quality HTML microsites optimised for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Transmatico builds complete websites for your contents instead of flash catalogues with only low user acceptance, short length of stay and no SEO effect.

Instead, we create 'Digital First'-products based on you print publication with an online-friendly reader mode which naturally increases user acceptance and interaction with your contents. Having relevant content online boosts SEO and therefore visibility of your publications and products. Our platform also gives you the opportunity to integrate Rich-Media contents, like video/audio integration or interactive elements such as image galleries or social media integrations.

Digitisation with our technology does not require any internal restructuring of known processes or any special IT-project. We created our technology and our processes in a way that it is operational within a short period of time only.

Our technology is also able to digitise print ads for direct monetization with advertisers which is especially suited for newspaper and magazine publishers. This feature creates more traffic for advertiser and newspaper, and more sellable unique content for readers, newspaper and Google.

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