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Due to the uncertainty of Brexit, Theresa May has visited China to seek business opportunities:

How can you go and enter the China Market?
To buy from china, and sell overseas or to buy from overseas, and sell in China?

If you go to China and you go online, you will find that:
China has put a BAN on Google; Facebook; YouTube; Twitter; eBay;
Chinese people are only able to use: Baidu, RenRen, Douban
YouKu Tudou, Taobao + Tmall, Weibo, DianPing, Wechat + QQ

Stephen Lai entered the China Markets before China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). Stephen Lai has developed reliable and strong professional networks inside of China.
With our knowledge and expertise of how the Baidu Search Engine Rankings work, we know how SEO works. We can get you to the first page rankings of your Simplified Chinese Keywords within three months, we can then guide the Chinese people to click your OVERSEAS WEBSITE directly (with the Simplified Chinese version of your website/s).
This is just the beginning, we have constructed a bridge so you can now enter the Chinese markets easily. If you need help, we can also provide you with: a Chinese Company Check Service; Chinese and Overseas Translation Services; Chinese Legal Contracts and Agreements Services; Hong Kong and Chinese Human Resources Services (Full time or part time or only for hours needed); Global Tax (including HK and China) Consulting Services; HK and China and Overseas Company Setup Services; HK and China and Overseas Bank account setup services.

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