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Sonician: the Marketing Automation Magicians

--The leading Scandinavian B2B marketing automation company now in the UK.

All Marketing Automation suppliers including Sonician will help you capture, nurture and score leads, which you need when clients come to you and your website in what often is called Inbound Marketing. However, when you also need to search out your clients using outbound marketing, we challenge anyone to try to beat us.

Otto® has been helping businesses reach their zenith in Sweden since 2006.

It is not easy to afford as many sales representatives as you`d like. Sure, if you have one Account manager for every 20-50 accounts, then you may do with any CRM-system on the market. However, if you`re left dealing with 100s, 1000s or 10000s contacts per sales guy you definitely need Otto® and its bulk-handling capabilities. With our web-based, all-in-one Marketing Automation, bulk-CRM and email marketing functionality, you will make your sales quicker, easier and more effective.

Otto® will help you see who click your links and assign actions to those who do and automate your sales processes.

You get a full range of services that makes life a lot easier and your business run much smoother than briefing different companies to gather different tools.

To make it easy to get going, our range of services include:

1. Marketing Automation Academy web-training including certification with LinkedIn-badges to showcase your skills.

2. We have built Otto® to let you be able to do everything yourself, however, in order to make it as easy and smooth as possible to get started, we can help you to:

a. Take your registers and contact data, let us clean them up and put them into the system for you.

b. Set up a really good-looking e-mail newsletter template for you that is responsive and thereby works perfectly for the many who now read your emails on the phone.

c. Set up your first questions to find out your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to find out how each client sees you together with actionable follow-ups with each depending on whether they are detractors, passives or actual promoters so you get immediate response, Corrective action, and continuous improvement and engaged leads.

3. Volley Marketing - to combine Inbound with Outbound Marketing: You want to increase and grow your business. Then you also need to be engaging with the 99% websites visitors who don`t say Hi. If you target B2B, we have the vastest IP-address to company database, connected to Dun & Bradstreet`s and Bisnode`s Contact Databases, so we will automatically supply you with the right lists of the right people of the right positions in the right industries.

Sonician brings together businesses with passion and dedication to Marketing Automation. We hope we can be of a good service to you! Don`t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to see you paying us a visit during the exhibition.

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