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Showpad Ltd

Showpad delivers the world`s most intuitive sales enablement platform - one that makes your content incredibly easy to find, present, share and measure. With Showpad, sales and marketing teams work better together to advance conversations, inspire loyalty and accelerate your business.

Showpad for Marketing
- Make it effortless for sales to find, present and share the most relevant marketing content in every situation
- Ensure content in the field is always up-to-date and on brand
- Understand how and when content is being used
- Measure the impact of marketing content on sales results

Showpad for Sales Enablement
- Provide instant access to content and deliver value at every step of the buyer`s journey
- Reduce sales reps` preparation time and administrative work
- Get visibility into how prospects are interacting with shared content
- Identify and share the best practices of your top performers
- Understand how prospects engage and share your content: measure engagement levels

Showpad for Partner Enablement
- Make sure partners are using the most relevant and up-to-date content when positioning your offerings
- Provide co-branded materials to support your go-to-market strategy
- Shorten partner onboarding time by surfacing content you want them to use to best
represent your business
- Identify partners who are actively selling your products and growing your business

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