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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Salesbox CRM

Salesbox is a solution and business methodology to accelerate your performance in sales, customer management and marketing.

Many companies have tried sales coaching or bringing onboard new tools but never managed to get the required efficiency increase and acceleration. The reason is that sales coaches don't know the tech solutions and the tool providers don't know how to help the business change their processes and behaviour to become more efficient.

Here comes Salesbox, we help you with both. We could go on and talk about the tons of features we have but our target is to make you more efficient!

Therefore we have created a methodology on how to work with modern information based sales, customer management and marketing. We have also designed and built a software solution that goes hand in hand with that methodology.

Salesbox cover the whole spectra and digitises your entire customer journey from prospecting, lead generation, lead qualification, sales, marketing etc all the way to your invoicing, forecasting, reporting etc. All on computers, smartphones and tablets allowing you to both work and collaborate with colleagues wherever you are.

Salesbox is an end-to-end solution and methodology created with one thing in mind, to make it easy for you to become more efficient, so you can stay ahead of your competitors and accelerate your performance and business.

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