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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


ProxMax Ltd

ProxMax deploy a revolutionary Beacon Technology to enable organisations to reach out to local footfall / customers by sending service messages and adverts directly to Smartphones.

Our Proximity Beacons can be used to generate quality leads and click-throughs for organisations by

- showing special offers, promotions or services
- directing customers straight to website / mobile app / social media
- link to a map / how to find their business
- opening a contact or survey form

The beacons are small and can be placed anywhere
- waiting rooms
- in areas of high footfall
- in a vehicle which is constantly on the move
- clipped to a lanyard or set of keys

Our technology enables the broadcast of business messages and services from a static location or wherever the beacon goes.

Our aim is to help businesses get ahead of the competition, boost sales at the till, or simply inform people of services that are available.

GDPR Compliancy
As technology evolves and mobile habits change ProxMax offers a fully GDPR compliant gateway for customers to come onboard, interact and purchase services.

Receive reports on how many phones have had messages displayed and how many click-throughs have occurred.

We believe that in the next few years our technology will be a key element for enabling organisations to have a proximised digital gateway between themselves and local footfall passing through their business.

To assist this deployment, we are developing a network of distributers across the UK to help service businesses who would benefit from using our Proximity Beacon technology.

Tel: 07936161405

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