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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Print and Deliver Ltd

Print, Clothing, Promotional Gifts - Supplied, Stored and delivered to your event Worldwide.

Do You Exhibit at Trade Shows, Run Training Courses Hold Conferences, Host Events?

Imagine being able to source all of your requirements from one company instead of having to juggle multiple suppliers.
Welcome to Print & Deliver...

At a trade show recently I was chatting to a Marketing Executive on one of the stands. In front of us her colleagues were handing out `goody bags` filled with leaflets and various branded gifts. I looked at her and said `I bet you were filling those bags last night in your hotel room`. She smiled and replied `You understand my pain`.

At Print and Deliver our objective is to remove the stress, worry and insecurity associated with sourcing and delivering items to events. If you enjoy sitting in the office waiting for a delayed delivery of goods the night before an event, and hoping that they turn up before the courier that`s fine. If you hate experiences like this and would much rather be confident that when you arrive at your event everything will be there waiting for you then you need to call us.

Have customers. We have valued clients with whom we build trusting, long-term relationships.
Seek to maximise profits on every transaction. We charge a reasonable price for our goods and services and do not take financial advantage of you when you are in a difficult situation.
Demand you jump through hoops to do business with us. If you have a problem or a challenge, share it with us. We will do everything we can to help resolve it.
Give you an account number. To us you are a human being, with a name and with a stressful and often difficult job. By recognising these things and doing everything we can to support you, we know you will want to keep doing business with us.

Tel: 0333 222 6690

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