Exhibiting at the B2B Marketing Expo


Oldfield is a consultancy based organisation and we concentrate our experience and knowledge into two really defined areas - tax saving and growth strategy. At B2B expo we particularly focus on how to grow....not your business size only but more importantly how to grow your net profit and even more to increase your cash at bank at the same time!

We do this by helping businesses with their growth strategy right through from unique selling proposition and competitive strategy, through sales lead measures to protection of the cash generated! This is a growth plan with a difference as we test each product offering or customer segment with gross profit, true gross profit, working capital cost and ultimate cash generation or usage. Ask yourself, `What would be the point of successful marketing and sales if the product you sell is losing you money??`

If you would like to improve your company bank balance and your lifestyle through proven sustainable growth, we have the formula to success - Visit us on stand 1041

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