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Take your marketing campaign across mediums & local regions effectively.

Adapting a marketing campaign is a process that`s long, complex and cumbersome. Marketers are often at the mercy of creative agencies. Mediawide`s proprietary tools enable you to take your master creative and adapt them across media while still adhering to brand guidelines.
Mediawide can accelerate marketing collateral creation for faster time to market and increase market responsiveness & effectiveness.

Global teams understand the brand. Regional teams understand the customer. Mediawide serves as the link between the two. Regional teams can now take globally approved creatives and incorporate local insights and data into them to make them relevant to the local market.
Mediawide protects your brand identity, reduces costs for `marketing collateral creation`, and enhances brand equity with consistent branding across outlets and regions.

Coordination between teams is time consuming at best and often leads to bad communication. Mediawide allows different users to be assigned specific roles so that processes like designing, approval and budgeting get streamlined and simplified.
Mediawidecan accelerate marketing collateral creation, whilst managing the whole process, a win-win for any business.

From automatically adjusting your ad creatives to fit the size and orientation of the media, allowing Flexifit rules and font equalization to set your content size. Leading and kerning to make sure the readability of your promotion is not compromised, to element anchoring, scaling methods and white space rules ensuring that every adaptation looks flawless, just like your master. Asset Builder contains the tools to adapt artwork files in a breeze.
Our technology works seamlessly with your existing Digital Asset Management system, the result is a single source of truth, with no duplication. With integration to Adobe InDesign, the leading design and layout app, our plugin lets you search your DAM system and find the right creative assets within Adobe InDesign, and upload master creatives directly to your DAM.
Regional Teams can easily access your product inventory, create a suitable promotion and personalize them with their own CRM data, no more unreliable excel sheets. Promotions can be managed within the campaign management portal; upload master creatives, set template rules and assign them to regional teams for further distribution.

Comprehensive SDKs
Mediawide talks to other DAMs and systems through Rest APIs, and talks to Adobe InDesign Server through SOAP APIs. Single sign-on through AD or SAML can be used to ease integration with other applications and help with the user experience.

Responsive Web Display Ads - HTML5 display ad templates that resize automatically to run across different websites.
Flexible Web Display Ads - HTML5 display ad templates built using the IAB Ad Specifications and LEAN.
Adaptive Web Display Ads - HTML5 display ad templates which contain multiple flex sizes such as 8x1, 1x3 and 1x1.
Personalized Videos - Smart variable data allows you to create personalized videos for each customer on the fly.
Personalized Email - Looks great on every mail client and integrates with your CRM and email delivery system.
Traditional Print Ads - Customize, localize and personalize traditional print advertisements on the web.
Outdoor & Retail Signage - Create localized OOH and large signage using a simple web interface.
Marketing Collaterals - Web based dynamic content for great looking marketing and business collaterals.

Mediawide ultimately accelerates marketing collateral creation, for faster time to market, increases market responsiveness & effectiveness, protects your brand identity, reduces costs for `marketing collateral creation`, and enhances brand equity with consistent branding across outlets and regions.

Your organisation can now easily use localised, customised and personalised digital and print assets to drive value.

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