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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Lingo Group

Lead Generation and Market Insight through telemarketing and digital marketing.

Lingo combines telemarketing, digital marketing and market insight to give the ultimate in B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing, helping your sales growth and customer retention. Our special brand of telemarketing is intelligent and informed, structured but not script driven. This approach, together with our experienced team, means that we hold intelligent, peer-to-peer conversations with your prospects and customers, enhancing both the results we get and your company's reputation and brand image.

Through our partnership with the WSI Global Network, our digital resources rival the best in the business. As a WSI partner agency, we have access to some of the most experienced digital experts in the world, together with high-level relationships with the likes of Google and HubSpot.

Lingo also carries out market research through our Insights division. Whether you are a looking to do a survey of your customers or investigate a potential new B2B or franchise market, Lingo can help you plan your survey, conduct it on your behalf and tabulate the results, ready to be presented to the board, your customers or your investors.

Tel: 01865 886340

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