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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Inbox Insight

Inbox Insight specialise in B2B lead generation and content syndication campaigns. We help our clients target their most relevant prospects with the best content to accelerate sales pipelines, drive targeted web traffic and increase brand awareness across EMEA and North America.

Our B2B email bulletins, Insights for Professionals publishing identity, bespoke software platform, campaign delivery team team and engaged business communities enable us to execute our client's strategic lead generation requirements.

This approach is designed to supplement inbound marketing strategies with a demand generation partner focused on results, data driven intelligence and compelling content. Our priorities are hitting deadlines and lead quality, whilst offering outstanding customer service along the way.

What we do...

1. Content syndication - the practice of distributing relevant and valuable content to reach new audiences and generate leads. We specialise in generating a guaranteed volume of qualified leads using thought leadership content, a series of B2B publications and an engaged community of over 9 million decision makers.

2. Brand awareness - the likelihood of prospects recognising the existence and availability of a company's product or service. We know brand awareness doesn't just involve impressions. It's ultimately about an audience connecting with your message. Our HTML and sponsorship email marketing campaigns drive relevant and engaged prospects to your landing pages.

3. Content creation - coming from a background of B2B lead generation, we understand the part that each piece of content plays in the marketing funnel. That's why we offer an end-to-end content creation process, including briefing, copywriting, graphic design and syndication.

We're proud to support giants like Citrix Online, Vodafone, IBM, Oracle, VMware and Sage on their marketing campaigns and we look forward to seeing you at the B2B Marketing Expo in March 2018!

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Inbox Insight

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