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Collate and display UGC on website to increase conversion rates.

Flockler helps you to collate and display user-generated social content on homepage & product pages increasing conversion rates and dwell time. Use automation to demonstrate social proof on the relevant pages and speed up curation process.

Trusted by likes of Royal Mail, Visit Britain, and UEFA.

30-day free trial on all plans and monthly subscription fees starting from 49 Euros per month.

Setup does not require any technical skills and the look and feel can be customised to fit your brand guidelines. The layout is automatically optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop and can be displayed anywhere on your website.

Key benefits:
- Easy to curate UGC reaching consumers in the early phase of purchasing cycle and driving traffic to product pages
- An uplift in conversions by 20-30 % when social posts are used as product testimonials and displayed at the moment of purchase on checkout or product pages
- Social data and the insights provided by the platform help you to create more targeted and personalised content assets increasing the conversion rate of your social advertising
- Optimised user experience on all devices increasing the conversion rates of the content
- There are no restrictions on the look & feel and display of content. Flockler creates a default look & feel without any development work, but your developers can create a fully customised style
- Categorisations and metadata such as tags help you to create tailored and personalised content experiences. For example, you could display content with a particular tag to clients who have visited a certain page earlier
- Full SaaS solution and support provided by Flockler enabling customers to lower technology costs and reallocate that budget to marketing and sales activities.

Here`s how Flockler works:

1) Write blog posts and collate social content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and more.

Search by keyword or username and drag n drop to publish. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to collate content from social channels to one place. You can create multiple sections and categorise your content based on category, product and content type.

2) Set up rules to gather content automatically from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Set up automated feeds to store the content published on social channels; Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and automatically display those posts on your site. For example, set up a feed displaying all the tweets mentioning a certain keyword or posted by your company. You can either publish content automatically to your website or store for moderation. Even if you decide to publish content automatically, you can always hide content or add more content manually.

3) Display social content on homepage and product pages to increase conversion rates

Display content on homepage and product pages based on Flockler's sections or content tagging. No technical skill required to setup.

4) Gain deeper and more meaningful insights into your audience

You can add your analytics code (e.g. Google Analytics) to measure the traffic and interactions on your social wall. In addition, Flockler platform analyses the popularity and engagement of social content and displays how many comments and likes each piece of content published by you or your audience has generated. It shows which individuals are actively engaging with your content, and out of those, who has the most influence. You can use the valuable data that Flockler`s platform provides in many ways such as to identify themes and trends, get ideas for future content, create new product lines and marketing ideas, as well as use it for personalised and targeted advertising on social channels.

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