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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



Easypromos: a self-service platform to create and manage digital campaigns that can be published and integrated across any social network, web or device. Our apps include Sweepstakes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, Photo and Video contest, Coupon Codes app, Quiz and survey and much more. Clients from more than 80 countries have created and hosted almost 1 million campaigns using the Easypromos platform.

Promotion organizers can customize the app completely to fit the brand's image and wishes. The promotions can be disseminated on all platforms; social media, website, blog, newsletter, Facebook page, and are 100% responsive so they can be viewed perfectly from mobile devices.

Since 2010, Easypromos has continuously updated and renewed both apps, platform, promotion editor and design options as well as we always comply with the guidelines of the different social networks and give tools to the promotion organizers so they can comply with data protection regulations. That means we're also prepared for the new GDPR.

Our platform is hosted on Google Cloud which gives stability to promotions with thousands of participants. We offer several advanced features such as multi-language promotions, advanced tools for developers, API, Webhooks, connection to CRM systems, email platform, etc..

The use of digital promotions can help you reach your target audience, increase visibility and engagement on your social media channels and in the end, increase sales. We offer 20 different apps and many more features that can be combined in numerous ways to create your unique digital campaign.

Tel: +34872550452

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