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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


EAK Digital

Wipe out any preconceived notions of conventional reputation building practices and traditional PR methods. We`re ecstatic to announce that we`ve reinvented the way PR works.

Get published and be recognized on the largest publications relevant to your niche around the world. Business? Think Forbes. Finance? The Wall Street Journal. Health and Fitness? Men`s Health. Our strong partnership ties and unique PR methods allow us to rebrand you with an author`s column on the powerhouse lists of news publications.

What exactly will Digital PR get you?

1. Published on the biggest media outlets

We`re not simply talking about a sort-of small mention of your name on a kind-of tiny portion of an article. We`re talking about your very own author`s column. Imagine instead of Jane - yoga instructor in Jacksonville, it`s now Jane - MindBodyGreen columnist and Yoga Expert.

2. Establish expert authority

Nothing shouts credibility louder than being associated with major publications. Your brand will surge, clients` trust will rocket, and business will soar.

3. Lifetime-worth of SEO

The core of today`s SEO efforts lies virtually spot-on with quality links. The strength of having your name or link on a site with that amount of authority is unquestionably inexhaustible.

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