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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


DBS Data

We are passionate about data
We are a team of absolute marketing data experts. We like nothing more than helping you with your data challenges, whatever they are. With a combined data expertise of more than 150 years, we have a culture that encourages us to deliver creative compliant marketing data solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

Our vision is simple......to be the most trusted source of compliant, innovative data solutions.

We believe that quality data lies at the heart of every successful sales and marketing initiative, so we work very hard to ensure that our expertise in data sits solidly behind your campaigns or research.

Compliance is the core driver to everything we do. We look not just to meet, but to exceed compliance legislation, so this permeates everything we do. We are not just obsessed with compliance, we also have a very strong ethical position when it comes to customer data. We believe strongly that peoples` data is an asset and not one that should be abused and we will only sell our data if we believe that it will be used ethically.

Our expertise in compliance is backed up with proof. We are audited by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) for GDPR, PECR & DPA compliance. To reinforce our approach, all our data experts AND all of our sales consultants are fully certified in data protection and data compliance standards.

Tel: 01245 397570

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