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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Consentric by MyLife Digital

Consentric by MyLife Digital has been launched to support GDPR.

A UK sovereign, population-scale consent management system; hosted securely in the cloud. It can be easily connected to your customers and to the organisations data applications including, but not limited to, CRM, websites, mobile apps or campaign management systems.

Supporting GDPR, it has immutable audit trails, a consent receipt generator, fully customisable user interfaces and can manage all six lawful justifications for processing personal data, not just consent to provide a full view of your customer `permissions`. The product`s development roadmap will reflect further regulatory guidance, case law, customer feedback and technology improvements.

Consentric empowers customers (directly or via proxy) to control how organisations use their personal data. They can see what data is being collecting and held about them, it lets them update their permissions, enables them to see the purposes for which the data was originally collected and, allows the customer to agree if their data can be shared with other organisations. Any changes made by either the customer or the organisation are automatically tracked and logged within the audit trail.

Integration with CRM platforms i.e. Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics is easily achieved to ensure appropriate compliance for the use of these systems and can be branded to ensure a consistent customer user experience.

Consentric sits across your data repositories and customer touch points to provide a single view of all your permissions for customers, members, employees, volunteers, suppliers etc., supporting your GDPR governance.

Tel: 01225636280

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