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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Collier Pickard

Collier Pickard is a specialist CRM and marketing automation consultancy.

Come to our Masterclass `Avoiding The Digital Marketing Trap` to learn about the current disconnect between CRM systems and Marketing Automation tools in the B2B marketing world - and how to overcome this problem.

As the UK's leading Independent CRM consultancy, we can put you and your business on the right track when it comes to CRM and marketing automation. Whether you need a rapid installation or advice on a long-term, larger project, the team here at Collier Pickard will help you select the perfect solution for your organisation.

Why choose Collier Pickard?
• We'll develop a strategy for your business, not confuse you with jargon
• You'll have access to our 350+ man years of experience in CRM and marketing
• You'll get the correct software platform for your business
• We'll support the growth of your business through CRM and user training
• We'll help you achieve Return on Investment (ROI)
• We'll work with you to develop your system to meet new demands
• You'll have peace of mind that your system is in safe hands with top quality support
• Wherever you are in your CRM & marketing project, our friendly team of consultants will help you achieve tangible results, with independent advice tailored exactly to meet your unique business needs.

Tel: 01959 560410

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