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Clear B2B

A leading B2B marketing communications agency, specialising in customer acquisition and retention.

Clear B2B has UK and international industry-specific experience with clients that sell direct and a particular expertise in working with companies that sell or fulfil through third parties. This makes all the difference when it comes to producing focused communications that talk in the right language, to the right people.

We work with clients in specialist sectors so we understand the challenges they face. We have also built up a network of contacts and industry specific partners, to top up our knowledge and help create ever more effective marketing solutions.

A number of our clients are international companies who are not headquartered in the UK and particularly value our knowledge of what works in the UK market and what information central marketing requires.

Rather than looking at what 'tools' we can offer, we start by considering what you want to achieve. Do you want to change perceptions or build customer relationships (CRM)? Are you looking for lead generation or awareness building? Perhaps it`s time for a corporate positioning campaign or maximising your distributor or other third party take up.

By clarifying the outcome first we can recommend the most effective way to get there. Often this calls for an integrated approach using several services. We can either put this into action ourselves or support you and other providers in a joined up, clear messaging approach. This will make sure the way you communicate across channels is focused, consistent and compelling.

Join Julie Clare, Clear B2B's Chief Executive, (Day 1, Theatre 5, 11:00-11:30) on the Clear CAR - Customer Acquisition and Retention - journey on which she will show you how to set the route map, the signposts to look for (and the potholes to avoid) to ensure you get your customers on board and keep them there.

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