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Web & Apps development, SEO, PPC and Social Media, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketing and advertisement, e-Commerce and Payment solutions company established in London since 2006. We help our clients to grow their businesses through online marketing and sales efforts and offer business solutions.

We develop and implement a number of digital marketing and advertising services to achieve our clients goals in foreign languages at competitive prices. We create user friendly and localised online sites or online shop with highly convertible sales content and mobile applications in local languages in compliance with local advertising rules and regulations, and host the sites at our secure online platform. We optimise the sites by applying our in-house developed strategies and technologies.

We offer superior and reliable marketing and advertising services which include initial coin offering and comprehensive ICO services.

Our dedicated ICO services include:

Whitepaper Drafting
Roadmap & Strategy
PR and Marketing
Online Advertising
Coin Development
Blockchain Integration
24/7 Support

Our online and offline marketing strategies involve both public and investor relations, with a well optimised website and SEO landing pages. We offer multiple marketing and advertising channels which include social media buzz campaigns.

We can assist you with:

ICO Campaign Website
Pre-ICO Landing Pages
PR ICO Campaigns
Bounty Campaigns
Exchange Listing Assistance
Coverage of international markets

We also offer a progressive payment solution and always researching for new and exciting systems that can be adapted to enhance our services. Our aim is to be a supportive partner to our clients by being available to answer any queries and following up to ensure our customers getting the most out of advanced payment systems.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8638 0817

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