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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Blue DME

We believe in the Augmented Salesman!

Blue DME is providing the 'Next Best Actions' for your sales team with Artificial Intelligence to be more efficient.

Moreover, we enrich your commercial tools with specific insights.

These suggested actions and insights are provided in real-time based on 4 algorithms:

- Lead scoring to prioritize them
- Lead availability to precise the next time slot to reach them easier and increase the quality of listening
- Lead product recommendations or substitutes
- Dynamic Pricing to optimize your price with internal and external data

How do we do that?

Indeed, you have surely noticed that the customer journey is becoming more complex and digitalised.

Our solution is able to collect and match these data and to process them in order to create a customer 360° view to provide predictive and prescriptive information to the sales team.

Our strength is to push our information and our Next Best Actions within your commercial tools to avoid change management and make easier the adoption for your sales team.

We are convinced that the alliance of emotional intelligence and artificial is the future of work. This will be a next way to increase your KPI.

Tel: 0033 184 804 640

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