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Alpha CRC

One of the best Globalization, Localization and Translation companies in the world - and now in our 29th year. Alpha has developed a complete, in-house, AGILE G11N service solution for clients worldwide. We specialize in continuous localization, LQA and transcreation for the world's biggest companies.

- Over 500 full-time employees and 3500 associate, expert resources
- 18 production offices in 13 countries

Eight specialist divisions
- IT and software
- Games and Media
- Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Manufacturing and Engineering
- Mobile OS, devices and apps
- Medical Software, Devices and Trials
- Media and Culture
- Fashion and Luxury Goods
- Retail, eCommerce and mCommerce

Our services include -
- Globalization
- Localization and continuous localization
- Linguistic services (translation, transcreation, LQA, and linguistic validation)
- International advertizing, copywriting and origination for major campaigns
- Functional and linguistic QA
- Machine translation services
- Crowdsourced translation
- Software engineering
- DTP, audio, rich media,
- Project management
- Specialist globalization consultancy.and Program Management
- Specialist testing services for all divisions

We are dedicated to our client-base and we continue to enhance our global 'end-to-end' solution,. We produce continuous, multi-million word G11N projects, and offer specialist services, for world class companies.

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